v​/​a {Secrets Are Dangerous Things: A Noise Tribute To Twin Peaks}

super nice release on Forever escaping boredom

The HNW Graveyard: Goghal - Acrotomophilia II

The HNW Graveyard: Goghal - Acrotomophilia II: ARTIST: Goghal TITLE: Acrotomophilia II LABEL: AnarchoFreaksProduction FORMAT: Cassette (C40, limited to 15) YEAR: 2012 COUNTRY: Belgium

Healing Wounds (C40 - Enemata Productions)

"Goghal, a noise project from Belgium, born of a brutal motorcycle accident, has brought contemporary HNW (Harsh Noise Wall) fans an impressive offering that's sure to please the most discriminating static connoisseurs. Here, dark noise crackles with heavy, dense rumblings. It shifts into sputtering, broken jags, then rises again as earth-shaking coma-textures. The operator (Nico Goethals) is in complete control of the weather here, as demonstrated by the well-placed mouvements and massive sound structures. Put this one at the forefront of your collection for easy access and watch out for his upcoming split with The Rita. The rain poured down..."

thank you Enemata Productions for the kind words, click on link for more info via label

harsh transformations


Icare, Belgian Blue

Dorian Yates, Mr Olympia 1996

Aimee Mullins in the cremasters cycle, artmovie from Matthew Barney



Surma (ethiopia)

Vomir/Goghal/Bruital Orgasm/Å - 2xC40 - split

for sale on HNW night in Kortrijk the day before Noise Fest (doe ne keer moeite ) and released by Gregory from AFP !

'amputee love' comic book

Once (1974-75) there was a comic book with the original title: "amputee love",  This comic from 1975 was written by a woman named Rene Jenson (identified as a double amputee) and drawn by her husband.